Freshening an Animal in the BoviSync Web Application

Freshening an Animal in the BoviSync Web Application

How to freshen an animal in BoviSync:

Fresh events may be entered from the web application or mobile application. Users use the web application if they simply want to record fresh events. The mobile application allows for recording more information at calving including calf chores. To learn more about mobile fresh entry:  Mobile Fresh Entry

This article continues to describe the web entry for freshen events:

We recommend you enter one animal's freshening at a time to avoid errors or confusion.

1. Enter a new 'Freshen' Event:

Start by double clicking the Enter button from the menu. This will bring up the Event entry screen. Alternative methods to enter events can be found here.

2. Enter details for the Freshening: 

Once you are at the enter event screen you will need to enter all of the information for the Fresh event. First, enter the animal ID, then, enter 'Fresh' for Event type (if the fresh event type was not already entered in step 1). As soon as you do that you will see all of the fresh event fields display.

The red arrows (below) represent the required information for a fresh event, the other items are optional. Click Save when finished. The next step will be to enter the calf information.


3. Enter calf information:

The red arrows represent required information, the rest is optional. Here are a few helpful pieces of information when entering calf information:
  • If your eartags and barn names are not the same simply update the barn name that you are using
  • Eartags will auto increment upwards after entering 3 sequential ID/eartags in a row. If you break that sequence you will need to enter a new string of 3 before they will begin to auto increment
  • Auto incrementing of EID is not yet supported but is being added.
  • The pen is auto-populated if you have set up "Move cows at freshen" within the Herd Settings --> Freshen Settings of BoviSync. If not select the pen where you would like to locate your calves.
  • Sire is auto-populated from the Dam
Required calf information below (unless pressing 'Omit calf info' button)

If you do not want to enter calf information for the freshening, click 'omit calf info'. This will skip the calf information but still create a fresh event for the damn. When you are finished click 'Save' to create the fresh event and calves if provided.

4. Review Entry

After fresh events are entered the following reports are useful for checking the events that got entered as well as some helpful links to edit the events/animals.

To enter a 'Freshening' for an animal less than 150 DCC click here

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